OneDegree Rolls Out LGBTQ+ Family-Friendly Home Insurance Product

OneDegree Rolls Out LGBTQ+ Family-Friendly Home Insurance Product

by June 9, 2022

Hong Kong’s digital insurer OneDegree announced expands its product offerings with the official launch of the “OneDegree Home Insurance”.

This latest addition follows the launch of its diverse range of products which include pet, fire coverage and critical illness offerings.

OneDegree Home Insurance offers up to HKD 15 million coverage with a premium under HKD 100.

Customers can get an instant quote online with just their residential address enabled by Google address auto-fill and the saleable area, and they can easily complete the enrollment in a minute or two by providing quick personal information.

The policy takes effect immediately after successful enrollment without any waiting period.

When signing up for a OneDegree Home Insurance plan, customers can also exclude some personalised benefits which they don’t need, such as pets owner’s third-party liabilities, home appliances warranty, and school closure compensation due to COVID-19 and hospital cash due to accident at home, and the relevant charges will be deducted from the premium accordingly,

This allows them to tailor their coverage to serve their specific needs at a more reasonable premium.

The OneDegree Home Insurance also taps into the underserved market by extending its policy definition of “family” to cover both traditional and LGBTQ+ families with proof of cohabitation for at least 12 months.

Alvin Kwock

Alvin Kwock

Alvin Kwock, Co-Founder of OneDegree said,

“We believe insurance is not just protection but also a commitment to family. We recognize that families come in different forms, but ultimately every one has an inherent desire to protect their loved ones.


With our new home insurance, we want to serve all families out there, embrace diversity and enhance the ‘sense of home’ for every family in Hong Kong.”