To Build or to Buy, the Defining Payments Decision Merchants Must Confront

To Build or to Buy, the Defining Payments Decision Merchants Must Confront

by December 22, 2021

Asia-Pacific is propelling the retail industry, generating about three-quarters of global growth. By 2025, Asia Pacific’s e-commerce sales are expected to nearly double and reach US$ 2 trillion.

This unprecedented and accelerated growth is great news for merchants across Asia, the reality however is, that the bigger a merchant grows, the more complex the payment infrastructure becomes.

The larger and more successful a merchant becomes, the more painful they find it to optimise and run their payment platform the way they want.

As soon as a business expands to the point that a single payment provider cannot serve its needs, the complications begin.

Luckily, today merchants have a choice in how they tackle this issue.

They can either build their payment set-up in-house, a decision which could be motivated by focuses on optimisation, connectivity, redundancy, or a single view of data – any of which might change from region to region.

Or they can seek out external help and expertise.

In this paper, we’ll examine in detail both of those options by weighing the costs and benefits of building a payment solution from scratch.

We’ll do the same for buying the use of a payment orchestration platform as both choices have their merits.

Which one you opt for will shape your business for years to come.

Payoneer‘s guide covers:

  • Understanding the nine core elements of advanced payment infrastructure
  • Key considerations for building or buying payment solutions and the right time for it
  • Building a payment engine
  • Buying a payment orchestration platform

Along with this, you’ll also get all the details of a full, four-year build vs. buy cost comparison for a merchant with US$250 million in gross merchandise value (GMV).

This guide has been developed by Payoneer.

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