ZA Rolls Out Fund Service for Retail Investors in Push for Wealth Democratisation

ZA Rolls Out Fund Service for Retail Investors in Push for Wealth Democratisation

by September 15, 2021

ZA One, an integrated financial services platform under ZA International, has rolled out a fund service for individual investors in a bid to democratise wealth management.

Users can now invest via the ZA One app with a minimum subscription fee of as low as HKD 1.

ZA One offers a selection of quality funds, combined with its proprietary multi-dimensional fund analyses, to give users a comprehensive understanding of each product’s features.

The new fund service also offers complementary tools including “Fund for Beginner” and “Simple Search” so users can make their first step towards investing with ease.

ZA added that each user can get a reward of HKD 100 for their first HKD 10,000 fund subscription.

A few months back, ZA had launched the IPOGo service, enabling users to capture investment opportunities in initial public offerings (IPOs).

Wayne Xu, President of ZA International and CEO of ZA Insure

Wayne Xu

Wayne Xu, President of ZA International, said:

“With ZA One, anyone can get a chance to grow their wealth regardless of investment experience and capital amount, as long as they are willing to take a step forward. Amateur investors are often more hesitant when entering the investment world.


We therefore start off with a simple fund service featuring low barriers to stand with our users as they embark on their investment journey. Following the official launch of this fund service, alongside the new stock subscription service ‘IPOGo’, we hope ZA One can become the ideal option as users’ one-stop financial services platform.”