Airstar Bank Now Offers Foreign Exchange Trading Services

Airstar Bank Now Offers Foreign Exchange Trading Services

by April 29, 2021

Airstar Bank, a virtual bank that began full operation in June 2020, has introduced a new foreign exchange (FX) service so that customers can capitalise on investment opportunities in the ever-changing global FX market.

The virtual banks said in a statement that it is the first to introduce the 24-hour FX trading service.

At the start, Airstar Bank‘s FX service supports three currencies, namely Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), US Dollar (USD) and Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY).

Through the Airstar Bank mobile app, customers can view real time exchange rates to track the latest market movements.

The bank’s 24-hour instant trading capability also allows immediate trade without being restricted by the working hours of some traditional banks.

Customers can utilise the funds straight away after transactions, avoid missing out due to delayed trading and seize every potential FX investment opportunity.

Ronald Iu, Chief Executive of the Bank Airstar Foreign Exchange

Ronald Iu

“Airstar Bank is dedicated to expanding the products and services and providing the public with more comprehensive and easy-to-use banking services.


The new FX service is being rolled out to dovetail with our existing offer of 2.7% p.a. on 12-month CNY time deposit for the ultimate benefit of the customers,”

said Ronald Iu, Chief Executive of the Bank.