Alibaba’s Ant Group Focuses Efforts To Be Carbon Neutral by 2030

Alibaba’s Ant Group Focuses Efforts To Be Carbon Neutral by 2030

by March 15, 2021

Ant Group announced it will become carbon neutral by 2030, and pledged its support to bring down emissions through technological innovations, joining the urgent global efforts to curb climate change and its devastating effects.

The company will also set up a carbon neutrality fund to support the research and development of renewable energy and other green technologies, and work with industry partners to promote green finance.

Ant Group said in a statement that it has detailed a roadmap to neutralise direct and indirect emissions associated with the purchase of electricity from this year.

By 2030, Ant Group aims to fully cancel out carbon emissions generated from other sources it does not own or control, covering areas such as supply chain and business travel.

Ant Group will also explore ways to apply blockchain solutions to the climate effort, including using the technology to track the carbon reduction process.

To ensure transparency and accountability, Ant Group invited an external specialist, the China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC), to join in discussions when designing its carbon neutral plan.

The CEC is an official service provider to the 2022 Winter Olympics, supporting the Games in assessing its carbon reduction solutions.

Ant Group added that it will periodically provide updates on its progress towards achieving the carbon neutral goal.

Ant Group - Carbon Neutrality

Yijie Peng, Vice President of Ant Group

Yijie Peng

“Going green has always been a strong priority for Ant since our founding, we firmly believe technology can and should be used to further sustainable development.


The carbon neutrality goal that we pledged today is the next milestone in our pursuit of an inclusive, green and sustainable future.”

said Yijie Peng, Vice President of Ant Group.