Open Fintech Jobs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

Open Fintech Jobs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

by June 5, 2017

For people who are interested in Fintech and looking for a job in this one of the top 3 fastest growing industries, we’re now listing some open Fintech jobs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Fintech Jobs in Hong Kong

YBEX fintechYBEX is the ultimate marketplace for foreign exchange (“FX”) services. We help individuals and businesses compare and lock-in exchange rates with the most suitable money service providers for their remittance, cross border payment and money exchange needs.

Front-end Developer  – Full Time · $18K – $24K · No Equity

Engagement and Growth Specialist/Manager – Full Time · $30K – $40K · No Equity

CMO/Senior Marketing Manager – Full Time · $45K – $55K · 0.25% – 0.5% EquityGobear Fintech Hong KongGoBear – Metasearch for Financial Products. Comparisons made easy.

Product Specialist – Full Time · $20K – $30K · No Equity

Smartalpha Fintech Hong KongSmartAlpha – Data and portfolio management platform for quantitative investment strategies

Backend developer Ruby on Rails – Full Time · $40K – $70K · 0.0% – 5.0% Equity

Application Developer C / C++ / Ada – Full Time · $40K – $70K · 0.0% – 1.0% Equity

FinFabrik Hong Kong Fintech StartupFinFabrik is a Financial Technology Solutions Builder providing Software-as-a-Service platforms to Financial Institutions. They mission is to help companies provide the best Financial Services experience to their clients, enabled by technology.

Senior Software Developer – Full Time · $80K – $125K · 0.1% – 1.0% EquityAdvaah Wearables & FintechAdvaah is a Wearables & Fintech startup working at the crossroads of where jewelry-, electronics- and mobile services/systems meets in unique, unprecedented ways. Offering luxury and premium wearables for people with a modern lifestyle includes brands such as Aron Ash, Adorha & Aura Jewelry. Specifically, our merchandise offerings include jewelry, timepieces and leather watchbands all combined with high tech, innovative electronics.

Growth Hacker – Full Time · $50K – $80K · 5.0% – 20.0% Equity

Oklink Fintech Hong KongOKLink is building a global blockchain money transfer network that empowers the international money transfer landscape by connecting every transfer and delivery payout company.

PR/ Marketing Manager – Full Time · $76K – $123K · No Equity

Content/ Marketing Analyst – Full Time · $30K – $46K · No Equity

EdirectInsure Group Fintech Hong KongEdirectInsure Group (Asia) is Asia’s largest and Innovative Online insurance platform, helps customers simplify the insurance experience which is still very much offline in Asia.

APAC Marketing Manager – Full Time · $40K – $70K · No Equity

Venture Development Analyst – Full Time · $15K – $30K · No Equity

Marketing Analyst – Full Time · $15K – $30K · No Equity

SEO Manager – Full Time · $30K – $55K · No Equity

Senior Product Manager – Full Time · $50K – $75K · No Equity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Manager – Full Time · $50K – $65K · No Equity

Gatecoin Blockchain Bitcoin Fintech Hong Kong

Gatecoin is a regulated bitcoin and ethereum token exchange. Through their intuitive trading platform, they enable individuals and institutions around the world to trade and invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain assets.

Senior Blockchain Engineer (5+ years exp.) – Full Time · $60K – $80K · No Equity

Senior DevOps Engineer (5+ years exp) – Full Time · $60K – $80K · No Equity

Full Stack Developer (4+ years exp.) –  Full Time · $40K – $60K · No Equity

Senior Systems Engineer (5+ years exp.) – Full Time · $60K – $80K · No Equity

Marketing Executive – Full Time · $30K – $40K · No Equity

Client Relationship Executive – Full Time · $20K – $30K · No Equity

Japan Business Development Manager – Full Time · $40K – $50K · No Equity

Lion Finance Fintech Hong Kong

Lion Finance is a fully fledged team whose members are specialized in investment, information origination/aggregation, and machine-learning recommendation.

PHP Developer – Full Time · $30K – $62K · 0.01% – 0.05% Equity

Java Developer – Full Time · $30K – $62K · 0.01% – 0.05% Equity

lynk global fintech hong kong

Lynk Global is reinventing access to knowledge,  which allows knowledge sharers and seekers to discover and connect with each other through instant messaging and one-on-one calls – all from within the app.

SENIOR UI/UX DESIGNER – Hong Kong · Full Time · $46K – $76K · No Equity

Startup Opportunity – Full Stack Web Developer – Full Time · $38K – $50K · No Equity

Prive Managers Fintech Hong Kong

Prive Managers offers an innovative wealth management platform, which is seen by many as a disruptive force in the industry. Our current clients include financial institutions in Europe and Asia.

Senior Java Developer – Full Time · $40K – $100K · 0.0% – 1.0% Equity

 Otonomos Fintech Hong Kong

Otonomos offers easy company incorporation and governance. We have built an online control panel for everything you need to setup and govern your companies around the world.

UI/UX – Full Time · $35K – $50K · No Equity

Front-End Engineer with Javascript Experience – Full Time · $30K – $50K · No Equity

Neat Fintech Hong KongNeat is a fintech startup based in Hong Kong. Connect with your money. Open a mobile current account in just 10 minutes on your mobile phone.

UX / UI Specialist – Full Time · $35K – $60K · No Equity

Gini Fintech Hong Kong

Gini is to combine everything in your wallet into an app – from credit cards to bank accounts, from loyalty cards to discount vouchers, and to streamline the entire process of receiving rewards.

Software Engineer – Full Time · $30K – $72K · No Equity

compareglobalgroup fintech hong kong

CompareGlobalGroup (StarTech ltd.) is an online personal finance product aggregator

Junior UI Designers – Full Time · $31K – $40K · No Equity

Tech Manager – Full Time · $75K – $90K · No Equity

Quality Analyst – Full Time · $31K – $39K · No Equity

Senior DevOps Engineer / DevOps Lead – Full Time · $70K – $100K · No Equity

Product Manager – Full Time · $65K – $80K · No Equity

Business Analyst – Full Time · $45K – $65K · No Equity

Data Scientist – Hong Kong · Full Time · $85K – $100K · No Equity

bola insurance fintech hong kong

BOLA is a technology company bringing insurance to the next generation in Asia, with an aim to reinvent how insurance works from end-to-end.

Marketing Director – Full Time · $35K – $40K · 0.15% – 0.3% Equity

Fintech Intern (PT/FT) – Internship · $12K – $15K · No Equity

 Fintech Jobs in Taipei

EdirectInsure Group Fintech Hong KongEdirectInsure Group (Asia) is Asia’s largest and Innovative Online insurance platform, helps customers simplify the insurance experience which is still very much offline in Asia.

Head of Offline Marketing & Branding – Full Time · $0K – $79K · No Equity

Sales Operations Analyst – Full Time · $0K – $79K · No Equity

Venture Development Associate – Full Time · $40K – $60K · No Equity

Business Development & Partnerships – Full Time · $40K – $60K · No Equity

Venture Development Intern – Internship · $10K – $15K · No Equity

Partnerships Manager – Full Time · $0K – $79K · No Equity

Legal / Compliance Manager – Full Time · $0K – $79K · No Equity

IT Manager – Full Time · $0K – $79K · No Equity

Fintech Jobs in China

Beijing Chenghui Technology China FintechBeijing Chenghui Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Cheng Hui Technology)
Cheng Hui Technology, the domestic Internet trading bank and the core enterprise supply chain finance (Internet +) construction leader, leading innovative technology service provider. The company’s main business covers the Internet banking and core business supply chain finance two areas, with “technology platform + operating services” integrated business capabilities and strong in-depth service advantages.

Java Senior Development Engineer – Beijing – Haidian District  10-20 thousand RMB/ month

Director of financial technology products – Beijing – Haidian District 20-25 thousand RMB/ month

Solution Manager – Beijing – Haidian District, 10-15 thousand RMB/ month

HR Director – Beijing – Haidian District, 15-20 thousand RMB/ month

Chief Investment Officer – Beijing – Haidian District, 50-70 thousand RMB/ month

Operations Director – Beijing – Haidian District, 20-25 thousand RMB/ month

Deputy Director of Supply Chain Finance – Beijing – Haidian District, 30-50 thousand RMB/ month

Internet product manager – Beijing – Haidian District1, 15 thousand RMB/ month

Icekredit Fintech China

IceKredit is a Fintech company registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Headquarter is located in Lujiazui Financial District, and they have branches in Nanjing, Changzhou, Chengdu and Los Angeles, U.S.A. IceKredit is dedicated to innovatively apply machine learning algorithms and big data related technologies to make all-rounded credit evaluation of individuals and SMEs.

Sales Director – Shanghai · Full Time · $70K – $120K · 0.0% – 10.0% Equity

Darcmatter FintechDarcMatter is a Global FinTech Platform that Streamlines the Capital Raising Process for Asset Managers and Provides Investors with Transparent and Direct Access to Funds in the Asset Management Industry.

Head of China – Business Development – Shanghai · Full Time · $100K – $150K · 0.1% – 1.0% Equity

Beijing Alshan Technology Co., Ltd adhers to the “innovation and lead the development of science and technology to help finance” concept, committed to independent research and development of financial technology products, promote block chain, large data, Artificial intelligence and other information technology and financial services in-depth integration. In the digital age, and strive to contribute to China’s financial infrastructure construction.

Internet Financial Industry Advisor (P2P) – Beijing – Shijingshan District1, 15 thousand RMB/ month

Data analysis engineer – Beijing – Shijingshan District, 12-18 thousand RMB/ month

Operation and development of senior engineer – Beijing – Shijingshan District, 15-25 thousand RMB/ month

Financial wind control analyst – Beijing – Shijingshan District1, 15 thousand RMB/ month

CTO / chief architect – Beijing – Shijingshan District, 50-60 thousand RMB/ month

project manager – Beijing – Shijingshan District, 12-18 thousand RMB/ month

Copy / finance editor – Beijing – Shijingshan District, 08-12 thousand RMB/ month

Backend senior development engineer – Beijing – Shijingshan District, 20-25 thousand RMB/ month

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