BMW Korea Launches Blockchain-Based Rewards Programme

BMW Korea Launches Blockchain-Based Rewards Programme

by October 9, 2020

BMW Korea announced that it will launch BMW Vantage, a blockchain-based rewards program before rolling it out for a global launch.

BMW Vantage provides integrated services across lifestyles such as mobility, travel, culture, education, both online and offline through its ‘BMW Coin’ ecosystem.

The accumulated coins can be used for all paid services in the app and affiliate services. It can be also accumulated by participating in events or games within the app even if you do not purchase their vehicle.

BMW Vantage App

Source: Google Play App

In commemoration of the release of BMW Vantage, customers who purchase the New 5 Series and New 6 Series Gran Turismo that officially released in Korea on October 5 will receive a total of 900,000 coins plus an additional 500,000 coins to the basic 400,000 coins.

In the case of purchasing models such as 1 series and 2 series, X1, X2, etc., a total of 600,000 coins will be paid by providing double welcome coins for one month in October.


Featured Image: Edited from BMW Group