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WeLab Attracts High-income Young Professionals Through Partnerships With Financial Institutions

WeLab, one of China’s largest mobile lending and credit analytics platforms, is leveraging further into traditional financial institutions’ war chests to grow its capability to issue loans. They have entered a partnership with several financial institutions in China, including Guangdong

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Top 12 Fintech Startups in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s long-established financial center, burgeoning startup scene and developed business center connecting Mainland China with global markets, have made the location one of the world’s top fintech hubs in world. Deloitte has ranked Hong Kong as the fifth leading

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WeLab Secures US$25 Million Credit Facility To Fuel Hong Kong Growth

WeLab, one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Greater China, has announced it has secured a credit facility of US$25 million from ING Bank. WeLab is the operator of Wolaidai (我来贷), one of China’s largest mobile lending platforms, and

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