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Ant Group Rolls Out International Zones with Global E-Wallets and Card Partners

Ant Group, in collaboration with 11 overseas payment partners of Alipay+ and major international card organisations, launched a programme in Beijing to establish International Consumer Friendly Zones across significant tourist and commercial cities in China. This initiative, supported by relevant

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Two Million Japanese Merchants Now Accept Global E-Wallets via Alipay+

Ant International announces that it is integrating its Alipay+ service with two million merchants in Japan, aiming to address the payment challenges international visitors face. This development seeks to provide a more inclusive payment ecosystem, enabling visitors to use their

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Four Asian E-wallets Expand to South Korea Through Alipay+

Ant Group announced that Alipay+ will be integrated into Asian e-wallets AlipayHK, the Philippines’ GCash, Malaysia’s Touch ‘n Go, and Thailand’s TrueMoney in an effort to jointly promote cashless travel in South Korea as travel restrictions were lifted in the country.

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