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Shenzhen Will Replace Silicon Valley

After all the excitement from the Shenzhen TechCrunch last week I was reminded of the an article that I wrote earlier this year. Asia is experiencing exciting times. For the past few decades, Silicon Valley has been the global innovation

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China’s Tech Innovation Catches up to the US

KPMG’s 2017 study on global technology innovation hubs found that China is quickly catching up to the US in terms of its potential for disruptive breakthroughs. In a survey conducted by KPMG among global tech innovation leaders, 23 percent of

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Government has Implemented Initiatives to Promote Fintech Application

Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury Prof KC Chan says the Government has implemented initiatives to promote fintech application, investment and development in Hong Kong. Prof Chan told legislators today the number of fintech-related startups increased from 86 in

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