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New Study Highlights Price Manipulation, Scams and Fraud in Crypto Market

A new report by finance and accounting professor Paul Barnes released in November 2018 explores the cryptocurrency market, highlighting its susceptibility to speculative bubbles, manipulation, scams and fraud. The paper, which was presented at a blockchain and cryptocurrency conference organized

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13 Must-Attend Blockchain Conferences In 2018

With the surge in popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, hundreds of events and conferences are being organized around the world to sensitize top executives and decision makers on the potential of these technologies. Here are 12 must-attend events focusing on

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ICOs in Hong Kong

While China strictly banned initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency exchanges platforms and Macau’s monetary regulator barred local firms from providing ICO-related financial services, Hong Kong has emerged as something as an ICO hub. Hong Kong has witnessed several token

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