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Asia Leads the Way with Central Bank Backed Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Central banks in Asian countries including Cambodia, Thailand, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, have more advanced central bank digital currency (CBDC) projects than their global counterparts, outperforming those of Canada, the UK and Sweden, a new analysis by PwC

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7 Takeaways from Finance Disrupted Asia

“Is it actually gonna be the other way around with FinTech buying Banks ?” Last friday, I attended the Economist Finance Disrupted Asia Conference. As a former JP Morgan equity derivatives trader, founder of the Hong Kong startup community WHub.io

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Hong Kong Central Bank Sees Potential in Blockchain Technology

Distributed ledger technology (DLT), also referred to as blockchain technology, could benefit both customers and banks by providing better banking services to users, while helping financial institutions offer services of greater security, quality and efficiency, according to a report by

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