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Digitalisation of Financial Services in Hong Kong Comes at a Cost

In Hong Kong, the digitalisation of financial services has expanded financial inclusion through the increasing usage of digital channels and innovations, open banking, as well as advancements in data collection and analytics. But despite the positive outcomes, digitalisation may also

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Redefining Finance for Good: HK’s Chong Hing Bank Sees Digital Shift for Older Customers

Around the world, the COVID-19 crisis has forced banks and their customers to turn to digital tools and processes to compensate for branch and office closures. Many industry participants believe that the digital acceleration taking place today will have a

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South Korea’s Banks Commit US$492.7 Million to Digitisation

South Korea’s banking industry is embracing digital transformation with 65.7% of the country’s financial institutions pursuing various business projects in regard to digitalization. These firms have committed a combined 584.5 billion won (US$492.7 million) this year towards such projects, according

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