Common-Sense Planning for Uncommon Times

Common-Sense Planning for Uncommon Times




It’s impossible to predict the future but it’s not impossible to make plans based on your best read of the present. If a quick survey of headlines tells you that stubborn inflation and tightening budgets point to a likely economic downturn, you’re not alone.

A recent survey by the Conference Board found that 93% of business leaders were preparing for a recession in the next 12 to 18 months. And with inflation hitting everything from food to fuel, consumer sentiment sank to an all-time low over the summer, according to a McKinsey study.

There’s a lot about business you can’t control, which makes planning for what you can control all the more urgent when economic forecasts turn gloomy. Now is the time to make sure your payment platform delivers resilience and fosters innovation no matter what the future holds.

Here’s an ebook by PayPal to learn how the right payment platform can help your business remain resilient and thrive during an economic downturn.

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