Top 5 Upcoming Fintech Blockchain Conferences in Korea

Top 5 Upcoming Fintech Blockchain Conferences in Korea

by October 25, 2018

From Singapore to Korea, the Republic of Korea continues to make moves at becoming a hub in the digital finance and fintech blockchain space.

Thus, it is no wonder that a plethora of Fintech start-ups emerges month after month. It seems as if there is constant news about the government standing at a crossroads with advancing financial technologies into society.

From start-ups like AIZEN (a Korean Fintech startup that aims at automating Big Data analysis and learns in real time) to bigger corporations like Shinhan Bank, 2018 has made it evident that Fintech is on the inevitable rise.

With that being said, it is only natural for more events related to Fintech and specifically blockchain popping up. The year 2018 served as a great year for big events in the Fintech space in the city of Seoul.

Thus, for those interested in learning more, the events below are just a few of the upcoming conferences and summits to take place related to Fintech, finance, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.


Provenance Summit Seoul 2018

November 20, 2018

Seoul, Korea: Floating Island Convention Center

Provenance Summit Seoul 2018

As Provenance Events, the organizer to the event aims to help start-up teams and organizations understand the product development cycle of blockchain technology, it opens the opportunity for growth, unlike any other Korea event.

It prides itself from standing out from making the topics specific to blockchain product development. Also, partnerships are created only with companies that have produced products or aided clients with the implementation of such technology.

Industries from food, energy, fashion, media, gaming, and many more will be participating in the event. With over 200 attendees, there will be a slew of global speakers. Some notable people include Riccardo Spagni of Monero, Graham de Barra, the CEO of Festy, and Junhaeng Lee, Head of Blockchain of Korfin.


Reshape Conference 2018

November 21, 2018

Seoul, Korea: Seoul Startup Hub, Mapo-gu

Reshape Conference 2018

Organized by Across Asia Alliance (AAA), the Reshape Conference, their main goal through their conferences is to help connect start-ups and investors across Asia. There are opportunities for investors and start-up members to share proposals, as well as give introduction calls. Moreover, there are an array of webinars that help to bring the international community together.

With about 200+ VIPs and over 50 global enterprises attending, the Reshape Conference aims to bring about the best start-ups and blockchain projects, matching them together to create something the world cannot fathom.


Inside FinTech with Blockchain Agenda

November 29-30, 2018

Goyang, Korea: Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX, Hall 6)
Inside FinTech with Blockchain Agenda 2018

With an expected attendance of 3000-5000 people, Inside Fintech Conference & Expo goes into exploring blockchain technology and other decentralized solutions pertaining to the financial industry. It will explore Fintech in its entirety, examining its impact on the global financial ecosystem, as well as how to implement it to better improve the current processes.

With 100-500 exhibitors, the event will look at hearing from industry leaders and their thoughts on how to leverage these technologies to make advances in payments, investment strategies, mobile banking, etc. It will also aim to explore the relationship between Fintech entrepreneurs, bankers, and governments all across Asia.

Featured speakers: Jae Woo Ha, the Head of Korea of R3, Andy Nam, Chief Information Officer of Standard Chartered Korea, and Seyoul Park, Blockchain Technical Lead of IBM Korea.


2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week

November 26-30, 2018 / January 14-18, 2019

Seoul, Korea: InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas

2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week

Founded in 2018, Chainers Inc. began as a passion project where a team from China and Korea worked together to create an event that would help to spread information on blockchain technology globally. Not only do they aim to support potential projects worldwide by strengthening the relationship between Korea-China blockchain industry, but Chainers also works to give access to a big network of local businesses in media, investment, etc.

With over 80 speakers, 75 exhibitions, and an expected audience of 3000, the 2nd Annual Chainers Blockchain Week will host a variety of 20 countries that are interested in the world of blockchain. The event aims to highlight South Korea’s activity in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets through featured speakers such as Jason Park, CEO of Korbit, Yi He, Co-Founder of Binance, Yanislav Malahov, the Founder of Aeternity, Joyce Kim, Co-Founder of Spark Chain Capital, and many others.


2019 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

May 15-17, 2019

Seoul, Korea

2019 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The 2019 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is expected to take place in Seoul, Korea next year. It is the forum for technical exchange, where the latest innovative research and regulations are shared. There will be a myriad of presentations, exhibitions, and open source projects featured, giving attendees an opportunity to expand their minds in this area.

With supporters from Dell, KT Telecom, SK Telecom, Kodebox, and #Hashed to name a few, the International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is the first premier technical conference sponsored by IEEE Communications Society.


Final Thoughts

Over time, as the government continues to aim at supporting development in the Fintech, blockchain, and AI space for the country of Korea, we will begin to see more conferences and events like the ones above emerging. With that, there will be greater opportunity for business leaders, Fintech experts, and people in the industry sharing their ideas.