German Startup tozero Wins Top Prize at HKSTP EPiC 2024

German Startup tozero Wins Top Prize at HKSTP EPiC 2024

by April 29, 2024

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) has announced the conclusion of its flagship Elevator Pitch Competition (EPiC) 2024. 

The competition, which aims to solidify Hong Kong’s status as a leading global innovation hub, saw tozero, a German startup focused on establishing a lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Europe, claim the top prize. 

This includes a cash prize of US$90,000, (HK$704,277) 1,100,000 Asia Miles, and opportunities for investor exposure and strategic partnerships.

Winners in other categories included Bizbaz Pte. Ltd. from Singapore in the FinTech category and Roboticplus.AI from Mainland China in the PropTech category, showcasing the diversity and innovative potential of the competitors.

This annual event, which was held across four cities globally, culminating in Hong Kong, saw participation from 603 contestants from 47 economies.

The HKSTP EPiC 2024 marks a significant milestone as it was the first to include semi-finals in Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Stuttgart, and Singapore. Over 70 companies representing 16 economies competed in the Grand Finale. This event iteration was the most international, significantly expanding its reach to attract global startup talent.

Paul ChanHKSTP EPiC 2024

Paul Chan

 “Last year, Hong Kong’s startups exceeded 4200 – up more than one third over just four years ago. About a quarter of them are from outside Hong Kong,” 

said Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong SAR. 

“The Government believes in innovation and technology. We continue to accelerate our I&T development, fostering the commercialisation of R&D (research and development) outcomes and expediting new industrialisation with staunch government support. We actively attract strategic enterprises engaged in artificial intelligence, life and health technology, fintech, and new energy and materials,” 

added Paul.

Dr Sunny ChaiHKSTP EPiC 2024

Dr Sunny Chai

EPiC 2024 has firmly established the annual pitching competition as Hong Kong’s mega startup event, drawing the best of the best in tech startups from around the world as they seek to leverage Hong Kong as a launchpad to global success. The Grand Finale caps a truly epic journey for the winners and finalists, competing across the four-city semi-final series around the world, with the final stop in Hong Kong. The city provides unmatched growth opportunities for startups plugging into the HKSTP innovation ecosystem and primes them for seamless expansion from Hong Kong to the GBA, China and beyond,

said Dr Sunny Chai, Chairman of HKSTP. 

Featured image credit: Edited from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation