11 Fast Growing FinTechs in China

11 Fast Growing FinTechs in China

by October 14, 2017

IDC Financial Insights has unveiled a list of 11 fast growing fintechs in China, part of the broader FinTech 101 list for Asia/Pacific.

“IDC’s FinTech Fast 101” refers to the fast-growing fintech players in Asia/Pacific based on extensive on-ground analysis of the dominant fintech players within the region.


11 Fast Growing FinTechs in China

Ant Financial

Ant Financial is a technology company that brings inclusive financial services to the world. Ant Financial, officially founded in October 2014, originated from Alipay founded in 2004. With the mission of “bring the world equal opportunities”, Ant financial is dedicated to creating an open shared credit system and financial services platform through technology innovations, and to provide consumers and small businesses with safe and convenient inclusive financial services globally.

Baidu Finance

Baidu-Hexun Finance, a financial information Website, with partner Hexun.com, a financial information service provider in China with news reporting and securities consulting licenses. Users can search or browse through economic and financial news, information relating to personal wealth management and related market statistics.


China PnR

Remittance of the world was established in July 2006, with a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan, 2016 to pay the transaction amount of more than 2 trillion yuan, is the leading new financial integrated services group, focusing on traditional industries, new financial institutions, small Micro-enterprises and individual investors to provide financial systems, payment and settlement, operating wind control, data management, wealth management, financial technology and other integrated financial services.


JD Finance

Jingdong in 2004 formally involved in the field of electricity business. In 2016, Jingdong Group market turnover reached 939.2 billion yuan *. Jingdong is China’s largest income Internet companies. July 2017, Jingdong once again into the list of “Fortune” Global 500, ranked No. 261, becoming the highest ranked Chinese Internet companies in the world after the Amazon and Alphabet, ranked third in the Internet business.



Jimubox, the leading Chinese fintech marketplace, is a multi-asset class, multi-product type financial marketplace that provides intelligent financial advice to the next generation of Chinese investors. Jimubox is supported by leading institutional investors including Xiaomi Corp., Shunwei Capital, Matrix Partners China, Investec Bank plc, Ventech China, and Vertex Fund Management.



Lu Jinshu, the full name of Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Market Co., Ltd., is the world’s leading Internet wealth management platform, a member of Ping An Group, in September 2011 incorporated in Shanghai, the registered capital of 837 million yuan, located in the international financial center Shanghai Lujiazui. Lu Jin is committed to the combination of financial globalization and information technology innovation, based on a sound risk control system for the majority of institutions, enterprises and qualified investors to provide professional, efficient and safe comprehensive financial assets transaction information and consulting related service.



Fun shop group was established in April 2014, with large data technology to drive scientific and technological innovation, the use of innovative technology to provide online credit products, committed to China’s hundreds of millions of high quality but can not get from the traditional financial channels of consumer financial services users, Cash staging services, is one of the leaders of China’s consumer finance services.



Financial Co., Ltd., established in October 2011, is China’s leading mobile financial intelligence platform. Financial 360 is committed to providing financial products for individual consumers and small businesses to search, recommend and apply for services, business scope covers loans, credit cards and financial management. In addition, financial 360 also free to provide users with convenient, cost-effective, secure financial information services.



Caifutong ( https://www.tenpay.com/ ) Tencent Group, China’s leading third-party payment platform, committed to providing security for the Internet users and businesses, convenient and professional online payment service. Since its inception in 2005, TenPay is “safe and convenient” as the core of products and services, not only for individual users to create more than 200 kinds of convenience services and application scenarios, but also for more than 40 million large and medium-sized enterprises to provide professional funds settlement Program.



(Hereinafter referred to as “Friends of the letter”) adhering to the “simple financial, integrity of life,” the core concept, in order to enable customers to be more professional financial information services, established in 2012 in Shanghai and made With “financial information services,” the scope of business of corporate business license, the registered capital of 200 million yuan. Friends of the letter formerly known as the Friends of the letter Business Advisory (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Friends of the letter Beijing company”) and was established in May 2011.



ZhongAn is the Internet insurance technology company in China. With their technology, they develop eco-system-oriented insurance products and solutions at different consumption scenarios to provide better service to their customers. Since inception in October 2013 and December 31, 2016, they have sold more than 7.2 billion policies to serve approximately 492 million policyholders and insured persons, according to Oliver Wyman’s report, And other indicators, ZhongAn are ranked first in China’s insurance companies.


Note: List is arranged alphabetically. Source: IDC, 2017


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