How Refinitiv is Empowering Developers in the Sustainable Finance Revolution

How Refinitiv is Empowering Developers in the Sustainable Finance Revolution

by January 19, 2022

Refinitiv has created a global community for developers in the financial industry. In continuing its longstanding history as a leader of innovation and open tech, the Refinitiv Developer Community offers practical support for today’s business challenges.

This community offers enterprise developers access to capabilities, tools, interactive information, learning materials, events and global community. Refinitiv encourages broad, as well as in-depth, engagement with data. To enable efficient work with data we offer guides and insights to navigate Refinitiv API.

Some of the Developer Community’s most popular resources are engaging events, blogs and webinars, of which the latter are available on demand. An in-favour topic in the industry that is covered among the recorded events is sustainable finance, of which the Developer Platform covers in practical application.

Sustainable finance is rapidly becoming an essential outlook and factor to consider in business investment decisions, the industry is undergoing a revolution toward sustainable strategies and the inevitable outcome is that market participants are exploring data to furnish these outcomes.

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With Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) insights in their infancy, data supporting its methodology is difficult to come by.

This kind of data is also critical for investment analysis in the assessment of risks and opportunities. In this video Refinitiv’s Developer Community establishes a framework for investment participants to gather and analyse various countries’ ESG metrics from micro to macro levels.

Beyond the conceptual, Refinitiv’s Developer Community offers the community practical walk-throughs and tutorials. Refinitiv’s in-house team has hosted a webinar to guide audiences on how to build, monitor and back-test portfolios using Python, with particular focus on sustainable investing. You can access the on-demand webinar here.

The platform offers supporting material across multiple programming languages, from Python to Java and C++ via video catalogue. A popular webinar within the community covers how to Build Financial Models in Python Using Refinitiv’s Datastream Web Service, which is a comprehensive world-leading time series database with histories dating back to the 1950’s.

Datastream gives users the opportunity to explore relationships between data series as well as perform correlation analysis, test investment and trading ideas and research countries, regions and industries.

With the depth and breadth in data available to users, the global finance industry has been on a trend to unfurl the landscape of possibilities in sustainable investing by exploring new data sets that govern ESG.

Refinitiv’s Developer Community enlists professionals and experts in the field of sustainable investing to engage with the community in highlighting the challenges of navigating the data that governs ESG. The inaugural Ask The Experts webinar not only covered the bigger picture outcomes in sustainable investing and accessing ESG data, but the interactive session gave the audience a walk-through on leveraging Jupyter (and Python) notebooks.

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