Zinvest Financial Joins the Zero-Commission Crusade

Zinvest Financial Joins the Zero-Commission Crusade

by February 19, 2020

Zinvest Financial (“Zinvest”), a SEC-registered investment adviser that offers advisory & trading resources to US-Asia investors, today announced its official launch.

Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Zinvest offers no-fee investment advice on US securities, access to national market data, stock trading services, and mobile portfolio management solutions to retail investors in both US and Asia.

Zinvest is part of a group fintech companies to emerge from China that specializes in quantitative investment solutions. According to their media statement, the firm was established as a response to ongoing industry changes, which includes the exploding popularity of high-frequency trading and greater trading volumes.

“We’ve leveraged our expertise to build a unique advisory platform that blends cost effectiveness with user experience,”

said Bingshan Song, Founder of Zinvest Financial Holdings.

“Coupled with our approach to service and stock trading, we’ve enabled investors to access a variety of investment choices that fits their goals.”



Featured image credit: Zinvest Apple Store