HK-Based Fintech Awarded “Most Innovative” in Alibaba’s Global Pitch Competition

HK-Based Fintech Awarded “Most Innovative” in Alibaba’s Global Pitch Competition

by February 14, 2020

The Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund/HSBC JUMPSTARTER 2020 Global Pitch Competition Grand Finale today announced the top five winners at the close of the two-day event with 20,000 supporters from 100 countries and regions participated online.

Up to a total US$5 million investment commitments, as well as a total cash prize of US$100,000 will be shared among the five winners. They will also have a chance to connect with the Alibaba ecosystem.

“Despite the various challenges the world is facing, including the novel coronavirus and geopolitics, an entrepreneurial spirit is one that will never give up. We should all stay committed to the values we believe in as we continue towards our mission and vision. Entrepreneurs also need to hire good people and work with talent to achieve sustainable development, which is a crucial step for startups to achieve their dreams,”

JUMPSTARTER 2020 judges said they were impressed by the overall standards this year. The top five startups displayed innovative ideas unseen in the market before and clearly showcased sustainable business models. They were also able to solve key pain points with their technologies.

JUMPSTARTER 2020 Top Five Winners (in no particular order)

Asia Regenerative Medicine – Shenzhen

Asia Regenerative Medicine focuses on the research and development of organ repairing and regeneration.

Ecoinno – Hong Kong

With the power of science and technology, Ecoinno provides 100% earth-friendly materials and industrial ecosystem solutions to reduce the heavy use of plastics.

Fano Labs – Hong Kong

Fano Labs is an AI startup specializing in the development and application of advanced AI technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Fano Labs provides customers from finance, telecommunication and retail sectors with enterprise customer service solutions.

Snipfeed – Unites States

Snipfeed is an AI-powered news recommendation engine, providing users (especially Generation Z) with a highly personalized search experience by dividing original content into short chat messages (in the form of GIFs, still pictures, video clips and more)

The Block Ledger – Australia

The Block Ledger is a fintech company that provides e-invoices, loan documentation, credit scoring and other solutions to financial institutions.

Most Innovative Award (Presented by Alibaba Cloud) and Audience’s Favorite Award (As voted for by the audience)

Privé Technology – Hong Kong

Privé Technologies is a leading innovator in the financial and wealth management industries, and is committed to the research and development of wealth and asset management platform systems. It provides financial services, such as an investment product search engine, customer asset reports, wealth planning, and a portfolio management system supported by AI.

The Environmental Champion Award (Presented by CLP Holdings Limited)

Agora – Canada

Agora Energy Technologies

By adopting flow battery technology using carbon dioxide (CO2) to temporarily store energy from renewable sources such as solar, water and wind energy, Agora Energy Technologies aims to reduce energy output fluctuations due to the periodicity of energy availability. This innovative system will provide a solution to the climate mitigation challenges of renewable energy storage and CO2 utilization.

IdeaPOP! Winning Team

Clearbot-The University of Hong Kong

Clearbot develops decentralized ocean robot swarms that autonomously clean the oceans (powered by AI vision).


Featured image credit: Jumpstarter 2017 Grand Finale