Seoul AI Innovation Tour 2024

Seoul AI Innovation Tour 2024


5 March 2024 - 7 March 2024    
All Day


Seoul, South Korea

The Seoul AI Innovation Tour 2024, scheduled from March 05 to 07, will spotlight Seoul’s emergence as a hub for fintech advancements, leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies and progressive regulatory reforms.

Themed “Navigating the Future: Unveiling Seoul’s Prowess in AI Innovation”, the event will bring together esteemed financial executives globally to demystify technologies and strategies shaping the finance sector.

Key focus areas will include the revolutionary integration of AI and machine learning (ML) in finance, best practices and case studies related to digital banking transformation, interactions with leading fintech disruptors, startups, and accelerators, a deep dive into blockchain, digital currencies, and the future of secure transactions, as well as briefings from pivotal venture capitalists and innovators within Seoul’s fintech realm. Additionally, the event will explore evolving consumer behaviors and their impact on digital banking solutions.


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