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Fintech Webinars Hong Kong & China

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  • Thu

    Xiangmihu Fintech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

    Shenzhen, China

    "2022 Shenzhen International Fintech Competition - Xiangmihu Fintech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" is a world-class competition focused on the fintech frontier and created for global fintech companies and project teams. It will focus on the three major tracks, namely, "artificial intelligence and big data, cloud computing and distributed computing, Internet of things and 5G technology".

    The participating enterprises and team will focus on the digitalization of financial institutions, compliance and regulatory technology, inclusive finance (to provide appropriate and effective financial services to all classes and groups of society at an affordable cost), social finance, green finance, ESG, and wealth management based on the industry ecology and demand for technical products and solutions to promote the implementation of fintech projects to land in Shenzhen and help Shenzhen become a global fintech center.

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