HealthTech and InsurTech

HealthTech and InsurTech

by October 5, 2017

Join HealthTech Net and Garage Academy on 12th October for a talk on how the rise in health connectivity impacts the entwined relationship between healthtech and insurtech today.

It is difficult to see a border between insurtech and healthtech in today’s market; lines are blurred. Healthtech startups abound these days, and will gather your data to improve your relationships with insurance companies (or startups), reduce your expenses, hedge risks of insurers, and enhance customer service.

Connected devices and fitbits alike are now seen as an opportunity for insurers, simply because they help them know their customers better and reward them with lower premiums when they behave well.

Health connectivity helps insurers to better understand and exploit risk profiles, in part due to all the elements and conditions required to enable it are gathered and mature enough for commercialisation.

Find out more and join us to review these elements with our speakers from the health and insurance sectors.