Fintech, Social Finance, and Financial Stability

Fintech, Social Finance, and Financial Stability

by December 4, 2018

Fintech, Social Finance, and Financial StabilityTechnology-enabled innovation in financial services (fintech) is developing rapidly, presenting opportunities for financial inclusion and risks to financial stability that should concern policy makers and regulators. Fintech is reshaping certain areas of financial services and weakening the profitability of banking. Policy makers need to assess the adequacy of their regulatory frameworks, as the adoption of fintech increases, to harness its benefits while mitigating risks to financial stability. It is also important to understand how the business models of existing financial institutions and the market structure are changing in response to these developments.

The conference will tackle:

  • how fintech, including crypto currency, digital payment, etc., would affect financial stability and figure out policies that can help to moderate such instability;
  • how big data and artificial intelligence change the provision of financial services and its implications for financial stability;
  • how fintech reshapes the financial sector and the potential challenges for the existing regulatory frameworks; and
  • how to leverage regulatory technology to promote financial stability.


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