CVCF 2022 Thriving in the Dynamic: Refocusing for Growth

CVCF 2022 Thriving in the Dynamic: Refocusing for Growth

by October 17, 2022

CVCF 2022: Thriving in the Dynamic: Refocusing for Growth
With the pandemic on the wane and ongoing geo-political volatility, the venture capital market has taken a new shape and sentiment, ready to relaunch with strategic resilience to capitalise more effectively on the opportunities arising from the recovery.

While start-ups are keeping up with the challenges both locally and globally, how can entrepreneurs become stronger and adapt to the new landscape? CVCF 2022 will look into investors’ focuses and priorities, and how start-ups realign their future roadmaps, leverage institutional and policy initiatives, seek out innovation breakthroughs, and explore bigger markets like GBA and Asia to pursue future success.

With the theme of “Thriving in the Dynamic: Refocusing for Growth”, CVCF 2022 will present a unified experience of online and offline engagements without geographical restrictions. The virtual platform offers an interactive experience featuring the broadcast of forum and workshop content available 24/7 to the global audience. It also features an Innovator Showcase for promising start-up exhibitors, and an exclusive Investor Matching platform for deal-sourcing and fundraising.

Connecting capital, innovation, entrepreneurship and growth – the region’s signature venture conference you cannot miss!

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