China FinTech Summit

China FinTech Summit

by May 9, 2017

Seven Reasons Not to Miss the Summit
  • Analysis and firsthand testimony regarding trends and the current status of the international FinTech market

  • Policy and regulatory updates related to FinTech, in cloud computing, big data and blockchain, from government officials and representatives of industry associations

  • Interpretation of advances in FinTech, with regard to infrastructure establishment and security issues

  • Exploration of FinTech applications that promote enterprise digital transformation, including business model innovation, process optimization and customer relationship management

  • Overview of opportunities and challenges related to payment, loans, insurance, wealth management upgrades, enabled by developments in FinTech

  • Inquiring to FinTech’s impact on internet finance and observe new market opportunities

  • Opportunities to meet potential customers and business partners in the field

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