Apidays Hong Kong

Apidays Hong Kong

by May 24, 2022

Apidays Hong Kong 2022

2020 was a tough year and the pandemic situation accelerated the digital transformation and collaboration across industries in Hong Kong. We have seen a decline in traditional and physical economic activity which lead to a strong push force for many traditional businesses in speeding up API adoptions and data interchange across companies.

APIs help businesses in different aspects of the economy from banking, e-commerce, logistics, insurance, retail etc. By making the business operations more responsive and automated, businesses can work together to become a more sustainable alliance and better prepared for the unpredictable.

In order to facilitate effective API connections and secure data interchange, there are increasing challenges for businesses to shift the traditional mindset and way of doing to the “new normal”.

Apidays Hong Kong 2022 is going to bring together leading API experts both local and international to share their seasonal insights and lessons learnt in driving the team and business under the “new normal”.

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