Fintech O2O Global Summit

Fintech O2O Global Summit

by April 18, 2018

Fintech O2O Global Summit is back!

The Fintech O2O Global Summit is the high-level one-day gathering of fintech’s leading lights from around the world. The entire ecosystem of startup leaders, investors, regulators, accelerators and more will shape the future of fintech through their learning, sharing and connecting in Hong Kong.

The Fintech Integration Wave is upon us and every master of their niche now has to understand and connect with the broader ecosystem. Cybersecurity experts must get ahead of advances in AI. Wealthtech entrepreneurs need to have a firm grasp on blockchain. The interoperability of systems demanded by open banking will impact everyone. The Fintech O2O Global Summit will be paired with the Block O2O Blockchain Summit the next day as Blockchain and DLT technologies are impacting a broad range of forward-looking industries.

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1,500 delegates.

100 speakers

30 countries

2 days

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