11th Asian Insurance CFO Summit 2017

11th Asian Insurance CFO Summit 2017

by May 9, 2017

Against a backdrop of geo-political instability and economic uncertainty, in 2017, the CFO will be tested as never before. With finalization of the international accounting standard for insurance companies, many insurers will be starting a finance transformation journey. In a trading world likely to change dramatically under the new Trump administration and with the ever-increasing threat of a new generation of cyber criminals, the risk universe is expanding and unravelling at an unprecedented rate.

At the apex of their organization, with influence across multiple business domains, CFOs must predict how the landscape, regulations and technology will change – and continue to walk at the CEO’s side to support strategy. But steering the business in the right direction will also require the CFO to go back to basics. In the current era of rapid, unpredictable change, protecting the bottom line demands core financial skills.

At the 11th CFO Summit, after a decade where the CFO’s role has expanded to meet business demand, we ask: What are the financial ‘basics’ in a disruptive world? How do CFO’s prioritize the allocation of resources to assess risk? What are the technical requirements in the IFRS 17 era? What is the role of finance in supporting digital and disruptive innovation? What new skills are needed? How do you set metrics to achieve sustainable growth in a time of monumental change?

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