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WeChat Pay Will Start Terminating Accounts Caught Dealing with Crypto

WeChat Pay, one of China’s most popular e-wallet providers, has just updated its payment policy to ban cryptocurrency transactions. The move was first noticed by founding partner of crypto investment firm Primitive, Dovey Wan in a tweet. Urgh, Wechat just

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China E-Commerce Industry Enters “New Retail” Era

The Chinese retail industry is entering a “new retail” era, characterized by the widespread use of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to digitalize the entire value chain, according to PwC. China is the world’s biggest consumer

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A New Record-Breaking Year for WeChat Red Packets

Tencent said they wouldn’t participate in the “Red packets” (红包 / Hongbao) war this year. …well, they won it anyway! Key highlights: 14.2 billion red packets sent in 24 hours, 76% year over year growth! 760,000 were sent in 1 second Guangdong is the province which

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