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Internet Giants Are Threatening Incumbent Banks

“Bigtechs,” or Internet-based platform companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook and Tencent, are making inroads into the finance and banking business, threatening incumbent banks that are not responding fast enough to the digitalization of the industry, according to a new

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Top 8 Hong Kong & China Fintech News For This Week

Hong Kong and China Fintech scenes have been booming latterly. There are some big news from these two fintech communities this week, such as China Central Bank sets up fintech committee, Alibaba invests in its first fintech company in Hong

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More Banks Shut as Digital Banking Takes Over

The way in which we bank is changing. Bricks and mortar branches are expensive to run with high rents, salaries, and dedicated tech installations. Some of the challenger banks have no physical presence and there is an abundance of customers

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