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Top 8 Hong Kong & China Fintech News For This Week

Hong Kong and China Fintech scenes have been booming latterly. There are some big news from these two fintech communities this week, such as China Central Bank sets up fintech committee, Alibaba invests in its first fintech company in Hong

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Hong Kong’s Role in Distributed Ledger Technology

A white paper by the Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council (HKFSDC) is examining how Hong Kong can develop its blockchain capabilities to serve the region. According to the paper, Hong Kong, with its large financial sector and its strategic

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Infographic: The Entire History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is payment system invented in 2008. It is described as the first decentralized digital currency and is presently the largest of its kind in terms of total market value.  Futurism made a nice Infographic that takes you through the

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