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Competition Heats up for Japan’s Mobile Payments Market

Mobile payments is rapidly becoming a dynamic market in Japan as the government pushes to increase cashless payments to 40% of transactions by 2025 from 20% in 2016. Japan is a highly cash-dependent society with cash in circulation amounting to

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Is Hong Kong Ready to Go Cashless?

Seeing the popularity of WeChat Pay and Alipay in China, it is easy for some to assume that these mobile payment apps are equally popular in Hong Kong. Unlike China, Hong Kong is still largely a very cash dominant society.

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Apple Pay, Android Pay and Alipay Now Available in some Hotels in Hong Kong

Guests are now welcomed to use Apple Pay, Android Pay and Alipay at Hotel Panorama by Rhombus and Hotel Pennington by Rhombus, while Apple Pay and Android Pay are also available at Hotel LKF by Rhombus. Following the success of

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